The McKinley Parent Teacher Club (PTC) orchestrates a wide range of activities and services to help supplement the funds our school is allocated by the government, advocate Parent Teacher issues directly to our school board, and raise school spirit. Funds raised by the PTC are overseen by the McKinley School Foundation, a 503(c)3 (EIN: 03-0564240) nonprofit organization.  Because the foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, all money donated to the McKinley Foundation is tax deductible.

The Foundation sets annual fundraising targets, manages cash donations and creates short- and long-term spending goals.

For the 2021-2022 school year, the officers of the McKinley Foundation are:

  • President: Nancy Flores
  • Secretary: Andrea Degener
  • Treasurer: Tom Wong
  • Voting Member:  Ivana Milosevic
  • Voting Member:  Geysil Arroyo
  • Voting Member: Graham Strickler
  • Voting Member: Kristin Pavon
  • Teacher Liaison: Korby Trocha
  • Teacher Liaison: Ashley Knox-Berg
  • Non-Voting Member: Principal Deb Ganderton

Procedure for Filling Board Positions:

–The Foundation President position is always filled by the PTC President.  If more than one individual is interested in being PTC President, there would be a ballot vote of all school parents.
–The Chair of the Fundraising Committee is always filled by the individual filling the PTC position of Fundraising Chairperson.
–The Immediate Past President is always filled by the person who was the last Foundation President.
–For all other board positions, in the Spring before the terms expire, McKinley parents are notified that they can nominate people to fill spots which are opening for the following two years.  Before the end of the school year, a ballot with all nominated individuals will be sent to parents for voting.

To see a description of any of these positions, please click here.
To see the Foundation Bylaws:  PTC By-laws
To reach any of these officers, please email

Meeting Minutes

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