Welcome to the 2023-24 Annual Giving Campaign!

This Annual Giving Campaign is a two-week donation drive at the start of each school year asking individual families to make a flat donation. This fundraiser helps bridge the gap between public funding and McKinley’s IB program needs, teacher and student support, enrichment activities, and more. Without the generous donations from the community at McKinley, these programs would not exist. 

Who Donates? Families, friends, matching gift companies, and corporations (does your employer match? Can you donate through work with Benevity? Click this link to learn more).

How to Donate: Paypal, Venmo, or via check

Fundraising at McKinley


Fundraising Goals by Event for 2023-24

For over ten years, three major events  (Jog-A-Thon, SoNo Fest & Chili Cook Off, and Spring Fundraiser) raised the funds necessary to support the McKinley Foundation’s goals. Last year, due to a decrease in event fundraising during the pandemic, the PTC introduced the Annual Giving campaign to ensure we reach our yearly goals in case of future unforeseen challenges. The objective is not to create a surplus but to cover the overhead and utilize additional monies to fund special projects moving forward (ex: $38,000 of the $73,000 library renovation came from the 2021-22 and 2022-23 Annual Giving Campaigns– thank you!). This year, anticipated McKinley Foundation expenses are $255,000. 

Click here to download the McKinley Annual Giving Flyer 2023

How does the PTC raise these funds? This drop-down list describes each of McKinley’s main fundraising events. Click each item below to read details about these events and how to get involved.

Annual Giving Campaign

Parents are encouraged to make financial contributions to the Foundation to directly support program costs at McKinley Elementary School. Nothing is required and any amount is welcome. Let’s be clear: Your donation will be used to benefit all current students in 2023-2024 fiscal year.

Who donates: Families, matching gift companies, and corporations (does your work match? Can you donate through work with Benevity? Click this link to learn more)

How: Paypal, Venmo, mail or drop off a check to The McKinley Foundation 3045 Felton Street, San Diego, CA 92104 (please write Annual Giving in the memo)

Timeframe: Throughout the year, starting September 2023 through June 2024.

Amount expected to raise in 2023-24: $50,000

Jog-A-Thon (JAT)

The Jog-A-Thon promotes physical fitness as the students run laps around the school track. Kids can get their family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor them via an online donation website (Pledgestar) or traditional methods. Every child receives a student-designed T-shirt and is entered to win prizes donated by local businesses and the general community. There are school-wide fundraising goals, each with a different ‘prize’. Ex. in 2021 prizes included a new school mural, and a Mariachi band playing music for all students at lunch.
Who donates: Friends, family members, neighbors, and local business sponsors
Timeframe: October
Amount expected to raise in 2024: $100,000
Want to volunteer for the committee or day-of? jogathonmckinley@gmail.com

SoNo Fest & Chili Cook Off

This McKinley operated community event started in 2009. Tickets are sold to the general public and McKinley families to taste chili donated by local restaurants. The afternoon festival also features a booze garden, live music, vendor booths, kids zone, and food trucks.
Who donates: Community members, local business and corporate sponsors, and event attendees
Amount expected to raise in 2024: $75,000
Want to volunteer for the committee or day-of?
sonofestchilicookoff@gmail.com. Find more event information at sonofestchilicookoff.com

Spring Fundraiser

This social event incorporates a family scavenger hunt during the day and live and silent auctions at night.
Who donates: Local business and corporate sponsors, attendees who purchase a ticket and the purchaser of an auction item
Timeframe: April/May
Amount expected to raise in 2024: $30,000
Want to volunteer for the committee or day-of?

More About Donations

How far does my donation go? Click here for a list of examples of costs to help you understand the impact of a gift. Your donation will be used to benefit current students and will be combined with all contributions to meet the overall need, not one specific item listed below.  
  • $5 covers a box of 30 pencils 
  • $30 covers three reams of paper or 10 sets of headphones
  • $100 provides classroom supplies for 24 students
  • $200 the median gift in 2022-2023
  • $383 the cost per student to run only the IB programming ($225,600/588 = $383)
  • $500 covers art supplies for two grade levels 
  • $1,000 provides scholarships for six students to participate in Thursday Club

Are donations required? McKinley is a free public school, and no amount of financial donations are required. The PTC raises funds to bridge the gap between slim district funding and the academic and enrichment needs. Nothing is required and any amount is welcome.

Corporate Matching: Did you know many employers will match donations made by their employees? If you think your employer participates in this benefit please read our Corporate Matching FAQ for information about doubling your donation at no extra cost to you! Check out McKinley’s certified page on Benevity.

Is my donation tax deductible? Absolutely! McKinley School Foundation of San Diego is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN: 03-0564240)

How can I pay by check? If you prefer to make a donation by check, please download the Donation Form and send it with your check payable to McKinley School Foundation to:

McKinley PTC
ATTN: Giving Campaign

3045 Felton St

San Diego, CA 92104


More About the McKinley PTC, the Foundation, and How Funds are Utilized 

What is the McKinley Parent Teacher Club (PTC)? A group of affiliated individuals who voluntarily support the School. Click for more.
  • It includes McKinley parents, guardians, teachers, staff, and family members who help with non-district-provided programs, events, fundraising efforts, administrative tasks, and more for McKinley Elementary School. 
  • The PTC is made up of 100% volunteers.
  • It is free – there are no club sign-ups or dues. It is called a “club” to illustrate that it is a group that meets regularly, run with organization. No fees or dues are paid to a national organization.
  • PTC programs and events include: the Annual Giving campaign, Jog-A-Thon, SoNo Fest & Chili Cook-Off, Gala/Scavenger Hunt & Online Auction, Thursday Club after-school enrichment, Movie Nights, the Variety Show, the Campout, and more!
  • Some of the PTC efforts are fundraisers, and some are community connection programs or events that do not require any fee or donation. 
What is the McKinley School Foundation of San Diego? It’s the 501c3 non-profit organization that manages the funds raised by the McKinley PTC. Click for more.
  • The Foundation has an elected Board of Directors that consists of the current principal, 2 McKinley Teachers, and 7 McKinley Parents. The Foundation has president, treasurer, and secretary positions, all held by parents on the Board. Each member can serve up to two 2-year terms.
  • The position of President of the PTC and President of the Foundation Board are held by the same person. For the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years, this position is held by Brijet Myers. Contact Brijet by emailing: McKinleyPTCFoundation@gmail.com
  • The main purpose of the McKinley School Foundation is to support the International Baccalaureate program standards by providing IB-centered programming (creative learning classes such as art, music, dance, language, etc). 
What does the McKinley Foundation pay for with funds raised by the PTC? IB curriculum assistance, student learning enrichment, staff support, campus projects. Click for more.
  • 100% of the Art, Ceramics, Garden, and Dance classes provided to every McKinley student all school year: $97,000
  • 50% of the Spanish language program: Kindergarten – 2nd grade (3rd – 5th grade Spanish program is provided by the district): $24,000
  • Continual learning programs and conference fees for teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills: $16,000
  • Staff grant requests and support: $26,800
  • Campus Beautification: garden maintenance, campus-wide native plant maintenance, tree planting, McKinley family wall tiles, campus clean-ups, murals, other art projects around campus (projects vary year to year: mosaic tile tree, painted library steps, storm drain painting, etc). $15,000 – $25,000
  • 2021-23 Library Renovation Project: $73,000
  • 2022 New UTK Classroom Support: $2,500
What were the 2022-2023 administrative costs and community free events?

Administrative costs for the PTC include merchant service fees, bookkeeping, tax filing, insurance, rentals, website hosting, Mailchimp, office supplies, etc. In 2022-2023, they totaled $18,900. As a benchmark, ten-percent is the industry average, so we are doing great! 

McKinley Community Free Events include Movie Nights, Variety Show, IB Fest, Camp Out, etc. In in 2022-2023, they totaled $9,800.

What does IB mean? The International Baccalaureate worldwide organization encourages additional teachings for students and resources for educators. Click for more.
  • McKinley Elementary is part of the International Baccalaureate worldwide organization that shares a commitment to quality international education. Teachers receive special training throughout the year to support the principles of the IB program and develop the curriculum that is taught in schools worldwide. Students are provided creative learning programs (paid for by the Foundation) and campus enhancements that are in line with the IB curriculum programing. Additional classes are offered to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.
  • For more details on the international organization visit www.ibo.org.The on-site McKinley IB Coordinator is 5th grade teacher Roni Hooper for the 2023-24 school year. 

Questions? Email us at McKinleyPTCFoundation@gmail.com