Pre-order your 2019-2020 Yearbook today!

This may not be a typical school year but that’s the exact reason you want to purchase a yearbook, to remember these wild times! Now more than ever your child will want to look back on this school year of photos of their teachers and friends.


This year Yearbooks can be ordered from Tree Ring website. They will be shipped directly to your home for $2.99 (if you order by May 8th, $7.99 starting May 9th) and should arrive beginning of June. Once at the website you will be prompted to create your account and add your child.


If you have any questions please email mckinleynpyearbook@gmail.comm

2 thoughts on “Yearbook

  1. Hi, don’t know if you were able to purchase one yet but if you go to McKinley PTC. Org and click on the Y for yearbook symbol it will take you to the site and you scroll down and you will find where you’re able to purchase the yearbook online they close at midnight

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