Pre-order your 2023-2024 yearbook today!

Click here to purchase (this direct link has McKinley’s passcode embedded). You will be prompted to create an account if you do not already have one. You may alternatively go to and enter our school’s passcode: 1015374621103016.

Please scroll down to the “Yearbook Opt-Out Form” section below if you do not want your child’s photo included in the yearbook.

We are excited to partner with TreeRing again for McKinley’s Yearbook. TreeRing is a California-based yearbook company. TreeRing prints on recycled paper and together with Trees for the Future, plants a tree for every yearbook that is purchased. McKinley is responsible for planting over 800 trees in the last three years!

Yearbooks are available now for pre-order. Yearbooks cost $21.89 per book (plus applicable sales tax). You may upgrade from a paperback to a hardcover yearbook for an additional $5.70.

With TreeRing, you may personalize custom pages with your own special memories from the year. Your first two custom pages are free, and additional pages are just $1 per page. These custom pages are printed only in your copy of the yearbook. Log into TreeRing to get started! Custom pages are due on Thursday, April 18, 2024.

If you have any questions, please email

special instructions for free yearbooks for 5th graders only

The 5th grade class has the option to receive a copy of the 2023-2024 yearbook on behalf of the McKinley PTC! In order to participate in the free yearbook for 5th graders, you must:

  1. Be a 5th grader enrolled in McKinley on or before the group purchase date of Thursday, April 18, 2024.
  2. Create a TreeRing account (instructions at the top of this page).
  3. Enter your student’s first and last name, teacher name, and grade. TreeRing will require a parent’s name and email for account reasons.
  4. Complete these instructions on or before Thursday, April 18, 2024.
  5. You may still customize your own yearbook pages. You will be charged for any additional custom pages if you create more than the free two custom pages.
  6. No need to add the yearbook to your cart. This will be done for you after April 18.

Yearbook Opt-Out Form

You may complete a Yearbook Opt-Out form online if you do not wish for your child to be included in the yearbook. If for any reason you wish to opt-out, please complete the online opt-out form by April 1, 2024. You only need to fill out this form if you wish to opt-out; your child will be included in the yearbook otherwise.

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