The purpose of the funds raised by the PTC is to support the educational opportunities of McKinley Elementary students, including but not limited to the IB program, enrichment classes, staff training, and supporting the school for the benefit of the students. A Foundation Grant may be sought to supplement and enrich an instructional program, a classroom or grade level project, the entire student body and/or the school itself.

Grant Evaluation Criteria

The application should provide adequate detail to easily evaluate and understand the purpose and impact of the grant on the education of McKinley students. Please consider the following criteria in preparing your application:

  • Grants must support the objectives of the IB program.
  • Funding amount is determined by the purpose and impact of the project.
  • Grade level or entire student body projects have a higher impact and are preferred.
  • Grants that provide a new or creative solution to a problem are encouraged.
  • Exploring alternative sources (e.g., DonorsChoose, Adopt a Classroom, Room Parents) before submitting an application for individual classrooms is highly encouraged.

Application Process

  • Complete the online application and provide supporting documentation including a completed Budget Breakdown Worksheet, if applicable.
  • Grant applications will be reviewed and determined by the McKinley Foundation by or before the next regularly scheduled meeting (monthly). Reviews may be completed sooner if there is a tight timeline for the project.
  • You will be contacted if any additional information is needed and a determination will be provided via email following a vote by the Foundation.

If you have questions or suggestions about the Grant process, contact the McKinley School Foundation at

McKinley Foundation Grant Application Form