In a World of Unknowns, Here’s What I Do Know to Be True…

Ok, that title sounds like I’m channeling Oprah, but I am compelled to share this with you and that verbiage perfectly captures my sentiment.

There is an enormous amount of ambiguity in the ever-evolving challenge inherent in addressing a virus of this nature. One week ago, few of us would have predicted that we would be at home, with our children and managing the challenges inherent in work and home with little warning.

There is much we do not know, but our district leadership is meeting daily for multiple hours and attempting to remain one step ahead of the challenges inherent in navigating this tumultuous time.

All site administrators will have a collective call with district leadership on Friday March 20th. I anticipate we will have some additional information at that point, and after communicating with our staff, my very next step will be an updated communication to our parent population.

Although I have no updates on a prospective return to school, I do know this….

I am the luckiest of all the ducks! McKinley teachers are amazing and that adjective doesn’t even begin to approximate the caliber of their contributions during this turbulent time.

This past week, our teachers have been keeping me posted on their class plans, home/school communications, and the resources they have gathered in an effort to support learning outside of the classroom.

There is a steep learning curve (even with our tech-savvy “youngsters”) as they’ve attempted to research, support and structure online learning opportunities to support your children outside of the classroom. They are fiercely committed to maintaining a connection to the children in their charge and it is evident in their efforts.

I sent our teachers a note this afternoon and I’d like to share a small portion of that communication because it so accurately captures what I do know to be true.

My message to them read: “Your responses, resources and reassurances to your class community have not surprised me one bit (I brag about our capable, competent staff quite often), but I must tell you, I am amazed that, amidst all the madness and mayhem of this current crisis, you have been playing your “A game” and that is nothing short of remarkable.”


Deb Ganderton

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  1. Thank you Deb and McKinley teachers so very much. I know that at our house the structure of home learning and support online from our teacher has been invaluable. It has kept us on track and productive during these uncertain and challenging times.

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