Dear McKinley Families,

I hope you are all staying safe as our community, our nation and the world work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  As you know, Superintendent Cindy Marten made the difficult decision to close schools throughout our community. She explained her decision in the Union Tribune and via Social Media.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are encouraging students to read, write and study as much as possible during this extended time away from school.  If you are able to, please have your child(ren) check google classroom sites and Class Dojo, as many of our teachers are sharing resources there. This morning the district shared information about online extended learning opportunities.  There is an introductory video available here:

Here is the direct link to elementary resources that are now available.

As we work together to get through this unprecedented event, I wanted to share more detailed plans for providing information on the pandemic.

1) San Diego Unified is working with the San Diego Food Bank and Feeding San Diego. Parents should call 211 or 1 (866) 350-FOOD to locate their closest emergency feeding site, which are located throughout the county.

2) The district continues to maintain a website for the latest school district news on COVID-19. Please review that site for updated information on the pandemic.

3) If any student is confirmed to be COVID-19 positive, the public health department will notify the school district and I will notify our school community in an appropriate way that is respectful of every person’s right to privacy.

4) If anyone else in our school community is confirmed to be COVID-19 positive, we understand that the health department will notify everyone who may have had contact with that person and ask those contacts to self-isolate until they are known to be free of any symptoms.

5) As noted above, we will only share information regarding confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus. That is because, short of a confirmed case, the information every parent needs to know will not change. Please review that information once again and continue to follow this advice to protect yourself, your family and your community:

  • Everyone, regardless of any known or suspected exposure to COVID-19, must try to mingle with as few people as possible (i.e., no large gatherings, 6 feet distance when possible, etc.)
  • Continue to wash your hands frequently, and practice other basic hygienic measures.
  • Anyone who feels ill, regardless of any known or suspected exposure to COVID-19, should call their doctor for advice.

Thank you once again for pulling together to help our school community get through this challenge. This is an opportunity for all our students to learn resilience from the adults around them.

In partnership,

Deb Ganderton