Please Stick to the Streets

McKinley Families, Morning and afternoon traffic around any elementary school presents safety challenges. We've attempted to improve safety with the installation of four-way stop signs on both Redwood and Palm and by opening up multiple points of entry (so everyone isn't being channeled via the Yoga Statue). We have one additional request. We are asking … Continue reading Please Stick to the Streets

Rainy Day Plans for October 8, 2021

McKinley Families, Weather report shows it’s supposed to rain tomorrow during arrival time and, potentially, during student lunch time as well. Here’s the plan: Morning Arrival8:15 Gates and classrooms will be open at 8:15Student enter through their usual point of entry and go straight to their classroomAll teachers will have classroom doors open  Lunch Lunch is … Continue reading Rainy Day Plans for October 8, 2021

Mask & COVID Testing Update

McKinley Families, Almost 350 children are registered to be COVID tested. That's 70%! My thanks to those of you who have taken the time to register your child for testing. This provides a critical piece of updated information to staff and families during the pandemic. San Diego Unified COVID Testing Information Another piece of good … Continue reading Mask & COVID Testing Update

McKinley Parent Information & Overview

Please review the following information carefully. We will keep you informed of any changes and/or any additional information as it becomes available. We appreciate your flexibility as all policies are subject to change.  Parent/Guardian Action Items PARENT PORTAL - Register Each Child Login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal to access your child’s new class assignment, … Continue reading McKinley Parent Information & Overview

Class Changes and Updates

Parents, In spite of the best planning, changes are invariably made as we plan for any new school year. This year is no exception. On Friday morning, our TK count changed by the addition of six students. That number may seem small, but those changes result in a cascading effect that invariably impact other grade … Continue reading Class Changes and Updates