Are you ready for a totally tubular night?!?!

We hope so because the Gala Committee has a Totally 80’s Prom Night ~ Dance Party! planned for you!

If you are new to McKinley or you just didn’t know, we are happy to tell you that the last fundraiser of the year is an adults only (21+) event filled with music, dancing, drinks, food and silent & live auctions.  The event is open to McKinley parents, staff and supporters.  It’s an opportunity to have a night out with friends while raising money for McKinley.  Specific details on all things Gala on the McKinley Spring Gala & Auction Event Page

Like, for sure, we want everyone to come to our party and have a great time so like, we are providing some crucial info that will like, totally make it easy for you to come!

First thing to do is make room on the calendar! The Gala will take place on Saturday, April 18th from 6-10PM. Tickets will be available online starting on March 13th but you can be a cool kid and buy yours first straight from the fresh Gala Committee before the Variety Show at Lincoln High School on Thursday, March 12th. We might just give you a treat for being so cool.

Excellent! So now that you have the date set aside what are you supposed to do with the kids when you don’t have affordable childcare.

Uhm, no duh. We know. One of the most difficult things about attending the Gala is affordable childcare so this year, drum roll please… Childcare will be provided on campus by our favorite staff members from PrimeTime & Character Builders for $10 per kid. Yes. $10 EACH for 5 whole hours! Now you & the kids are set to have a fun time that night! (***last pick up at 10:30PM***)

Dude! Now we’re talking! The date and kids are covered so the real question is “like, what are you going to wear?”

Don’t have a cow. This is San Diego so there is no dress code but it is a night out on the town so if you really want to do it up the Gala Committee is happy to help!   We are coordinating a Pop-Up Shop with 80’s-tastic wear culled directly from and provided by Goodwill Industries. Date is tentatively set for April 8th from 3-7PM (we will confirm and send out notifications).  The shop will be set up in the front staff parking lot at McKinley. Stop in and get that perfect 80’s outfit. We must tell you, though, that ticket prices go up after the popup shop so if you find the outfit you might as well buy the ticket!

                               Date      kisspng-purple-violet-qigong-lilac-clip-art-tick-5acb37d8ea0d46.6559356615232675449587      Childcare     kisspng-purple-violet-qigong-lilac-clip-art-tick-5acb37d8ea0d46.6559356615232675449587      Outfit      kisspng-purple-violet-qigong-lilac-clip-art-tick-5acb37d8ea0d46.6559356615232675449587

The Gala Committee is totally putting this event together to make sure you have the baddest time but if you haven’t been following us on social media that is not even cool so now is the time!

We are promoting items that will be part of the auction on our Instagram and Facebook pages to give props to our donors. Plus, we’re having a phat time doing games, trivia and nostalgic posts that take everybody back to the 80’s.  Last year we opened the silent auction for bidding on our Facebook page and people got hyped up so you need to start following us now so that you can stay up to date on the fantastic items that will be available:

McKinley Spring Gala Facebook Page / McKinley Spring Gala Instagram Page


We’ve covered the logistical stuff but you probably have questions about the auction. Uhm, cheeuuhh?!

Contributions to Gala take many forms.  At this point, most classes have received a note from their room parent about a “Class Project” including something called a Count Me In Experience (CMI).  CMI’s are not typically part of a class project but they can be. Here’s a little more info on CMI’s and the other types of items that make up the auction portion of the Gala:  Spring Gala Reference Sheet

Personal contributions are always welcome. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Gala Committee  if you think you have something to offer that won’t be a part of your class project. If you already know what you would like to contribute please enter the details on the Auction Donation form. It will generate a receipt for your donation. The Gala committee will be in touch if they have any questions.

We invite and thank you for helping to set-up on the day of the event.  Please look over the sign-up and lend a hand if you can.  Everyone is welcome to help set-up even if you cant make it to the event.



Ok we have to bounce but the Committee totally hopes you will be able to attend the Gala this year! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please send them to