The 2019/20 spring ASE session began Thursday, January 23rd and we are looking for a dedicated individual to lead the program next year.  If you are interested in the continuation of this program please get involved. This is a good time to get acquainted with the team and meet the instructors so that you will be ready for the fall session.

ASE Committee Members:

·        Search and select vendors for program – FUN!

·        Coordinate vendor contracts and payments with Foundation

·        Organize program offering and schedules

·        Coordinate classroom locations with teachers and school

·       Coordinate permits with School District

·       Coordinate communication requests and updates on website

·       Escort children to/from each program location

·        Become lifelong friends!

While the Committee Chair oversees the entire program, the above duties are delegated between members.

Please reach out to any ASE committee member listed below or contact the committee directly at to get detailed information about their next meeting and how you can join the team.

2019-2020 McKinley ASE Committee:

Blair Hartwell (Chair)
Kristen Peairs
Helen Chan
Donna Maytum
Clare Crawford
Pauline Treviño
Tom Hartwell
Kat Robinson
Rachel Levin