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Dear McKinley Families,

Childcare is a challenge for many families and, quite often, there is a wait list for both Prime Time and Character Builders.

The YMCA Childcare Resource Service can provide a listing of childcare programs near your home. Although parents would pay for childcare services, the referral for these prospective services is free.

Low income families may qualify for assistance. You can get additional information on qualification criteria from the YMCA Childcare Resource Service.

YMCA Childcare Resource Service can be reached at: 1.800.481.2151 .

You can also visit the YMCA Childcare Referral page here, or contact them via email at

2 thoughts on “Potential Child Care Resources

  1. If there is such a high demand for after school care, why doesn’t McKinley either expand existing paid programs or provide alternatives e.g. after school enrichment to families who need it?

    1. They doubled the Charcter Builders program last year. Unfortunately, there are no more empty classrooms available.

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