Dear Parents,

We have posted class lists in front of the office so your child can see which class they are in for the upcoming school year.

I want to share the process we use to establish class placements.  At the end of the year, we convene as a staff to “throw cards”.   Our entire certificated staff comes together and we strive to create class configurations that are balanced and best suited to meet a child’s academic, social and emotional needs.

The class placements that are posted will remain in place for a minimum of two weeks.  If, after the first week in school, you believe the assigned class isn’t a “good fit” for your child, you will need to schedule a class observation (of a minimum of 20 minutes.)  After that observation, you need to meet with the teacher and communicate your concerns.  If desired by the parent or the teacher, I can attend that meeting as well.

It has come to my attention that some children may not have been on the class lists.  If that is the case, please send an email to our Attendance Clerk, Nicole Stephens and cc me, Deb Ganderton. Nicole will address this when she returns to the office on Monday.


Deb Ganderton

3 thoughts on “2018-2019 Class Lists

  1. I came into the office back in April to register my son for TK. I provided all the necessary and proper paperwork and was told I was good to go. I’ve tried calling the school office everyday this week to confirm his enrollment and it rang off the hook so I was unable to do this. I just went by the school and his name isn’t on the TK class roster. I am very upset. He’s already enrolled in prime time before and after care. Will he not be able to start school on a Monday?

      1. I just did but my concern is that it won’t be addressed til Monday and it is very stressful not knowing.

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