Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 6.14.41 PMWho can wear PJ’s on Friday, March Two?
YOU can wear PJs – either old or new!
Bring a blanket, a chair or something soft to sit
We’re going to stop and read for a bit!
Bring a book that you like
And a parent or two
They will enjoy reading with you! 

At McKinley Elementary, we enthusiastically join in a nationwide celebration of Dr. Seuss’ Birthday on Friday, March 2nd! Students and staff can wear pajamas that day (try explaining that if you’re pulled over for speeding!) and we’ll all gather to read for the first half hour of the school day.

We will gather on the blacktop at 8:25 and at 8:30 will venture out onto campus to pick a spot to stop, plop and read.

We have loads to learn each and every day, so our kids will return to class at 9:05.
We will look forward to seeing you!