Join McKinley Theatre Company (MTC) on an adventure to a “Whole New World” for our 2019 musical production of Disney’s Aladdin Jr!

Aladdin – McKinley Theatre Company from McKinley Videos on Vimeo.

Please visit the following pages for addition information:

Save the Dates!

  • SEP 8: Cast Audition Registration and Production Team (Crew/Ushers) Application Open.
  • SEP 13: Audition Registration Forms due.
  • SEP 15: Audition Times posted by email.
  • SEP 17, 3:30 – 6:00 PM: Auditions.
  • SEP 19: Cast List posted by email. 
  • SEP 20: Production Team Applications and Essays due.
  • SEP 23: Production Team List posted by email.
  • SEP 24, 4 PM: 1st MTC Rehearsal (Cast, Crew, Ushers). 
  • SEP 24, 5;30 PM: MTC 2019 Meeting (Parents, Guardians).
  • Rehearsals: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & TBD Fridays. Details to follow.
  • OCT 12, 9 AM – 1 PM: Build Day (Saturday School)
  • NOV 2, 9 AM – 1 PM: Build Day (Saturday School & Campus Beautification Green Day)
  • DEC 9: Dress Rehearsal. 
  • DEC 11, 12 & 13: SHOWTIME! School Show & Evening Performances.

CAST: Online forms are due Sep 13, midnight. Hard-copy forms are available in the school office. Hard-copy forms are due Sep 13, 3:30PM: please deposit forms in the green PTC lockbox located in the school office. Cast Rehearsals start the week of September 23. Up to three at-school, after school rehearsals a week may be scheduled: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and TBD Fridays for select cast members/ groups. MTC Families are encouraged to schedule “Rehearsal Play Dates,” small group and/or scene-specific rehearsals off-campus on weekends. Rehearsal schedules will be posted via MTC Calendar and MTC emails.

PRODUCTION TEAM (Crew & Ushers): Online applications and essays are due Sep 20, midnight. Hard-copy applications are available in the school office. Hard-copy applications and essays are due Sep 20, 3:30 PM: please deposit hard-copy applications and essays in the green PTC lockbox located in the school office. Production Team will participate in Build Days (scheduled during Saturday School days) and will start attending rehearsals in November. (See Production Team page for more details.)

McKinley Theatre Co. productions are entirely run by generous and enthusiastic Volunteers from our McKinley Elementary Community. ALL MTC Families participate. No theatre experience required! If you are interested in contributing towards our musical production, please review the MTC Volunteer Page for opportunities and contact us at

Thank you! Good luck!!

Pauline Treviño, 
McKinley Theatre Company Director
McKinley PTC Volunteer
McKinley Elementary Family