Aladdin Jr. Audition Guide

Audition Registration Form DUE Sep 13. Auditions: Sep 17, 3:30 – 6:00 PM.


Lyrics and lines will be available at Auditions. Memorization not required. Please rehearse beforehand and come to auditions prepared to perform.

ALL (Leads, Supporting, Ensemble, Production Team)

Aladdin, a playful prankster, has good intentions, but sometimes loses his way.

The Genie is fun-loving & flashy. He lives in the magic lamp & yearns to be free.

Jasmine craves the freedom to make her own choices, but is caught between her responsibilities to her people and herself.

Jafar is the power-hungry Grand Vizier. He seems to be a loyal advisor to the Sultan, but he’s a scheming villain.
Iago is the funny, sarcastic sidekick to Jafar.

The Sultan is a warm-hearted ruler, committed to upholding Agrabah’s traditions.

Babkak, Omar & Kassim are Aladdin’s three loyal and playful friends. Babkak loves to snack, Omar has a sensitive soul and Kassim yearns to be a leader.

Isir, Manal & Rajah Jasmine’s Court. Isir, “inspiration,” is optimistic. Manal, “achievement,” is encouraging. Rajah, “hope,” is protective.

Razoul, the Commander of the Palace Guards, is an intimidating leader.

The Cave of Wonders is the ominous voice that instructs Aladdin inside the cave.
The mysterious Spooky Voice reveals the location of the lamp.

Prince Abdullah, one of Jasmine’s arrogant suitors.

The Citizens of Agrabah create the bustling marketplace: the street people, the Apple Vendor, the Fortune Teller, the Baker, the Palace Guards…and more!

The “Prince Ali” Entourage creates the spectacular parade to the Palace.

The “Friend Like Me” Ensemble performs fabulous tricks with The Genie.

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  1. Greetings, my daughter auditioned for a place in the Aladdin play. From my understanding there is to be a list of the students who won a spot for the play.. when or how can we find out it my daughter made it. Thank you for your time.

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