Principal Ganderton communicated to parents earlier this week that CDC and SDUSD mask guidelines have recently been updated and it is strongly recommended that students wear high filtration masks (ex KN95, KF94) to school as experts have found these are better than cloth and surgical masks in stopping the transmission of COVID-19 during this current Omicron surge.

To ensure every family has equal and consistent access to these types of masks, the McKinley Foundation has funded the purchase of additional high filtration masks to supplement the initial district supply.

Every week for the next 6 weeks, all McKinley students will receive 1 free high filtration mask in their take home folder (either Friday or Monday) in an effort to encourage more students to upgrade to these masks that will help keep our classrooms safe and open for learning during this surge.  

The first distribution of PTC masks was sent home Friday, January 21st.  Please check your child’s take-home folder/backpack to find

–        1 Free Lutema M95c child size mask (well-reviewed & equivalent in protection to KN95).

–        1 Free pair of reusable ear loop adjusters and guide to using them to quickly improve fit

–        Informational document about how long you can use these types of masks, tips for improving mask fit and other mask resources

If you would like to purchase additional high filtration masks for your family, members of our parent community arranged for a 50% discount for McKinley families on non-subscription orders. The code to access this discount on the website is MCKINLEY.  (Helpful Size Guide)

Here is a list of other helpful resources about high filtration masks compiled by McKinley parents.

McKinley students and staff already do such a great job with universal masking. Let’s upgrade our masks together to help get through this Omicron surge and keep our classrooms open!