McKinley Families,

Weather report shows it’s supposed to rain tomorrow during arrival time and, potentially, during student lunch time as well.

Here’s the plan:

Morning Arrival
8:15 Gates and classrooms will be open at 8:15
Student enter through their usual point of entry and go straight to their classroom
All teachers will have classroom doors open 

Lunch is a bit trickier. The District guidance for lunch time is below:  

If meals for students must be indoors, such as a rainy day, please try to have as much distance between students (6 feet minimum) and use barriers if available. Please use consistent seating charts for contact tracing purposes.  

Eating outdoors during a rainy day is challenging. It can be chilly and the rain is often blown into the lunch court so little dry space remains.  

We do have tents, however, they may not withstand a windy, rainy day (and the prospect of a tent collapsing on children seated below is the stuff nightmares are made of.)

Our only viable option is the cafeteria, the auditorium, and the center section of the covered lunch court.

I recognize this isn’t ideal, but there isn’t another viable onsite option that provides adequate cover on a rainy day.

Interior Auditorium and Cafeteria have:
High ceilings
MERV 13 filters on roof
Doors will be open for ventilation
Students will be seated 6’ apart from one another
Students will be asked to sit next to/near the same students they sit with in their classrooms 
After eating lunch, students will put masks on for remainder of lunch 

Students will have a 30 minute lunch. In order to honor COVID parameters, we will be scheduling six lunch periods (in lieu of our regular five). Lunch will begin at 10:45 and end at 1:40 (vs our usual 11:35 – 1:00).  

If a child is hungry before or after their lunch time, teachers will allow students to step outside and eat a small snack.  

I’m hopeful this information helps smooth your morning transition. I’ll close with wishes for a lovely evening.

In partnership,
Deb Ganderton