In spite of the best planning, changes are invariably made as we plan for any new school year.

This year is no exception. On Friday morning, our TK count changed by the addition of six students. That number may seem small, but those changes result in a cascading effect that invariably impact other grade levels.

The transfer of those students out of Kinder and into their appropriate TK classroom resulted in lower than expected kinder numbers. This, in turn, resulted in the need to transition from four kinder classes to three, from four first grade to five and from three second grade to four.  

You can imagine the impact on a teacher when they are notified of a grade level change. Fortunately, our stellar staff is quick to rally around the impacted colleague and get everything in order so we are all on the same proverbial page when we begin on Monday.  

My focus now turns to informing families. Some of you may have been notified by the previous or current teacher. Some may not.  

In a perfect world, Parent Portal would allow school staff to write a “disclaimer” for lack of a better word which would read, “Please know that these placements are tentative. Please check back on Parent Portal Sunday afternoon/evening to ensure your child’s placement has not changed.”

I’ll close with this. I know this is a disconcerting time for many. I also know that we have never worked harder to ensure we are “getting it right”. These changes allowed us to reduce class size significantly at two grade levels and did not compel us to create additional combination classrooms.  

I’ll be sending at least one more email update later today (possibly more).  Please keep your eyes open for that.

In partnership,
Deb Ganderton
McKinley Principal 

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