SDEA and the District reached a tentative agreement late Sunday afternoon which teachers will now be asked to vote to ratify. The proposed agreement would need ⅔ of SDSD certificated staff in order to pass, however I believe it will be adopted.

Although I’d anticipated the agreement would establish a district-wide model for the elementary instructional day, it now appears that each site will establish their instructional model based on factors such as:

  • Number of students returning to our site
  • Physical size of the classroom
  • Health and safety guidelines

I am moving ahead with planning as if all 500 of our students will return to our site. I recognize that this is highly unlikely, but it will allow us to most easily “pivot” if that number declines.

Our staff and I are meeting throughout the week and our school community will continue to be kept apprised of any new developments and decisions.

In partnership,
Deb Ganderton

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