The McKinley Spring Gala & Auction Site is Ready (finally!)

We have been hard at work (in between homeschooling and trying to survive quarantine) and we are excited to share our plans for the Gala auction with you!

Before we get into the auction details, we want to take a moment to thank teachers, staff and parents, for making it through one helluva year. More importantly, we extend our sympathies with families that have undergone financial and emotional hardship during this crisis.  By no means do we intend to pretend that we are moving along like normal. We are most definitely not, and we are cognizant that our families may be in a completely different place than they were before the crisis. Nonetheless, if you are able to participate, we hope to join together to support McKinley and pave the way for better school years to come.

This year we will be featuring electronic bidding for all auction items. All bidding will be done through your cell phone or computer in the comfort of your own home at any time before the close of the auction.

Auction Site:

The auction site is currently set to “Preview” where you can view all of the items available.  The site will open for bidding on Saturday, June 6th and the Auction will close on Saturday, June 13th.

On the Auction site’s home page, you will see two main buttons: “VIEW ITEMS” & “REGISTER”. At the top of the page you will see two tabs: “HOME” & “ITEMS”. Registration is not required to browse, but you will need to register in order to place a bid. The only information needed to “Register” is your name, phone number and email address.  Please note that if you plan to pay with a credit card a physical address will be needed at checkout.

We confirmed the items donated are still valid at this time. Please see the GiveSmart How it Works sheet for a quick guide on bidding.  Every item contains a description and details.  Read it carefully for expiration dates and/or limitations.  Check out the McKinley Gala & Auction Info & FAQ’s for more in depth information. And if you still have questions, you can always contact us through our social media pages on Facebook @MckinleyElementarySpringGala, on Instagram @mckinleysgala or via email to

After registering, there are 3 ways to bid:

  • By Smartphone
    Click the link in your registration text.  It will take you to a personal bidding page.  Click on an item and place a bid, it’s that simple.
  • By Text
    Text the 3-digit item number and amount to the welcome message you receive, (i.e. 101 500), no dollar signs or decimals are needed.
  • By Computer
    Click on an item and place a bid.

Special Note! While we will not be conducting a live auction for obvious reasons, we plan to have some fun with the “Premier” category items, Count Me In’s and Instant Buy Items that have limited quantities.  Some of these items will open and close in a short period of time starting at 8PM on Saturday, June 13th. These items will be first come, first served and are sure to go quickly, so you will need to act fast.

Zoom into the Totally 80’s Prom Party!
The Gala Committee will be hosting 80’s trivia, song requests and honoring the Prom Court through Zoom on Saturday, June 13th starting at 8PM.  Program details are on the HOME page of the auction site and everyone is invited to watch, dress up, even dance if they want to (gasp!).  This year’s Gala doesn’t have a bouncer at the door checking ID’s which means this is a family friend event so make it as fun as you want!

Don’t you wish we had a DeLorean that we could use to go back to pre-COVID times?!? We could set it to January 2020 when the Variety Show was on the horizon… When we saw each other at drop-off and pick-up and got coffee together and had meetings in the Staff Lounge and everything was normal.  Things are not normal right now, but it’s more important than ever that we continue our mission to provide educational enrichment for our McKinley Elementary community.

McKinley Spring Gala & Auction
Virtual Auction: June 6 – 13
Virtual Gala: Saturday, June 13, 8PM