Dear McKinley Families,

I wanted to reach out to our McKinley Families and provide an update before Spring Break begins. First off, thank you for your patience as we, in collaboration with the San Diego Unified School District, try to organize our “new” normal with distance learning. This transition into distance learning will be a challenge for all of us – students, teachers and parents. We are all venturing into unfamiliar territory.

As you may be aware, SDUSD issued a press release on March 24 stating the district will transition into distance learning beginning April 6 and will be in full implementation by April 27. This means the physical McKinley school site will not be open on April 6, but rather will be virtually open for all students to access via distance learning.

Between April 6 and April 24, students, teachers and parents will become familiar with distance learning platforms such as SeeSaw for grades TK-1 and Google Classroom for grades 2nd-5th. This time is scheduled for familiarity with these platforms and “learning how to learn” via distance learning. Teachers will connect with their students, push some assignments out via these platforms and learn together in this virtual classroom.

In the meantime, the collective “we” are needing information from you in regards to the types of devices and internet access our families have at home. SDUSD wants to provide access to every family. We are requesting that all families complete a survey for each of their children, regardless if you need support.

Please complete the survey on or before April 3rd, so we can gain a better understanding of your needs.


The results from this survey will only be shared at our site as we collaborate and establish more clarity in determining our next best step.

Beginning Monday, April 27, all of SDUSD, including McKinley Elementary, will be in full implementation of distance learning. There will be more information shared, such as grade level schedules for virtual class time and office hours, with families as we near this date.


Site wide, teachers at McKinley are required to step away from all school communication starting Saturday, March 28th through Sunday, April 5th.

This means no Class Dojo, no Google classroom, no home/school communications.

I made this decision as a site administrator, and it wasn’t one I came to lightly; however, I think we all need an opportunity to step away for a bit before we tackle the challenges ahead.  I am hopeful you too will  join our staff by setting school aside for a few days and take a well-earned reprieve from the challenges of the last few weeks.

For updated information, continue to check the McKinley PTC website and District website at: COVID-19 INFORMATIONFood pick up locations are listed in that link and by calling 211.

I will close with wishes for good health for all.

In partnership,

Deb Ganderton