Dear McKinley Families,

Friday was a bit of a trifecta. We had rain, a minimum day, and short notice on the impending closure of our schools for three weeks. I think many of us are just starting to catch our breath this evening.

In addition to the information we posted on Friday, I’d like to address some of the questions I anticipate you may have.

I recognize the impact this situation has on so many and wish I could run a one-woman kid care to alleviate some of the logistical challenges inherent in securing care on such short notice. Prime Time and Character Builders Programs are also closed during this time. Our district is working with city and county agencies to explore potential childcare options and I will update you via the PTC website if additional information becomes available.

I would like to offer a big shout out to McKinley teachers! Although our district has committed to gathering learning resources in the next few days, our teachers scrambled (with SWAT Team precision) to gather materials and resources to send home on Friday. Several teams were able to generate packets of materials in addition to text books and writing journals. How they did that, is just this side of magic and I continue to marvel at my good fortune to have such a capable, competent team of teachers.

As we work our way through the challenges inherent in this situation, I’m opting to over-communicate and ensure you are informed which means some of this information may be redundant.

I will be communicating with you via the PTC website whenever I receive any additional information or resources related to this situation. If someone you know has not yet subscribed, please encourage them to do so as this will be my primary mode of communication to our school community at all times. I will also be checking my emails daily so please feel free to reach out to me at and I will respond within 24 hours.

In addition, our teachers committed to send a weekly email update each Monday. If, as parents, you come across some engaging learning opportunities, please email those to your child’s teacher and they will embed them in their weekly update.

School staff are not allowed to enter our site at all during the school closure. The only exception will be the custodial crews who will be dispatched at some point to deep clean our campus so students return to a highly sanitized setting when school resumes. Some folks have asked what that deep cleaning will entail and I will let you know once I have that information.

As of this point, Sunday evening, the Joint Use Park can still be accessed.

San Diego Unified Food & Nutrition Services will be conducting a drive through/walk up distribution of daily prepared meals, free of charge. Children will need to be present to receive meals, and each child 18 years and younger may take one lunch and one breakfast for the next day.

Cherokee Point Elementary School is the site closest to McKinley and is located at 3735 38th Street. It’s approximately a 30 minute walk from our campus, and lunch and breakfast for the following day will be available 11-1 Monday through Friday. Children will not need any additional forms of identification in order to access this opportunity.

The District is posting updates on their website which I strongly encourage you to access daily. .

I will close with heartfelt wishes that we all remain well.

Deb G

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