McKinley Theatre Company (MTC) says “Grazie Mille” to the family of Buona Forchetta restaurants, who have gifted MTC Kids with something to sing about!! Owner Matteo Cattaneo has generously donated NEW audio equipment, a great improvement to MTC show quality. MTC Kids are going to sound better than ever!

Let’s thank and support Matteo by attending “McKinley at Matteo’s | South Park Walkabout” this Saturday, Dec 7th, 3:00 – 9:00 PM. Please drop-in at the upcoming “Matteo For A Cause” non-profit restaurant on Juniper & 30th during South Park Walkabout & Luminaria. Let’s thank Matteo and the Buona Forchetta Crew for all they do for McKinley Elementary!

We can show our appreciation by volunteering for the “McKinley Bake Sale at Matteo’s” this Saturday night, 6:00 – 9:00 PM. Proceeds benefit McKinley Elementary!
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Save the Date for MTC 2019 Aladdin the Musical!! Dec 12 & 13 (6:30 PM) and Dec 15 (2:00 PM)