Maker:L,Date:2017-9-21,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-veHello McKinley Elementary!

I’m new to the ceramics room, and I thought I’d introduce myself. I started out with ceramics as a kid myself, so I love being able to pass the joy and fun of it along to other kids. That early love of clay led me to study ceramics at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA. Here in San Diego, I’m an associate member at Clay Associates, a small nonprofit arts space in Normal Heights. When I’m not teaching, I’m in the studio as a sculptor, potter and maker. I believe that the arts are such a valuable part of our education, and I’m honored to share it with such a great group of students.

As a side note: As you get into spring cleaning mode over the next month, please keep the ceramics room in mind! We could really use extra supplies, many of which are regular household items. Please keep an eye out for the following items and drop them in the box inside the doors to the office:

-Spare or mismatched forks and table knives (i.e the kind you use at dinner, not sharp knives)
-‎ Rolling pins
-‎ Chopsticks
-‎ Textile doilies, pieces of lace fabric or netting, other fabric with lots of texture, woven rattan or textured plastic placemats, bamboo sushi rolling mats, and other materials for adding texture
-‎Cookie cutters
-‎Other miscellaneous kitchen tools
-‎ Large yellow sponges, like the type for washing cars (not dishwashing sponges)
-‎Old towels
-‎Spray bottles for water (empty hair product spray bottles are great)
-‎ Acrylic paint

There is a labeled box by the office for supplies. Thanks in advance! Looking forward to a great year.

Anna Cosimini