img_1569Dear McKinley Families,

I am writing to thank you for your continuous patience as the ongoing issues with the joint-use field are resolved. I know this has been frustrating to the McKinley community. Fortunately, progress has been made. An agreement has been reached between the district, city and contractor that could result in a safe, high quality field opening to students and the public in the spring.

The contractor has trimmed the grass, allowing the city to inspect the field to ensure it meets city standards. The field has been visibly improving and the city found it to be fairly acceptable. The city requested an additional maintenance period to see if new grass growth also meets its standards. The contractor will maintain the field until the spring, upon which the city will re-inspect it. If in the spring the grass and field meets standards, the field will be made available to students and the public.

Your Principal,
Deb Ganderton

4 thoughts on “Joint Use Park Update

  1. Why can’t we just get fake grass?! Especially in a place prone to drought. This constant watering is an environmental waste.


    1. Artifical turf has been proven to be a very expensive and low quality substitute for real grass on fields like this. It doesn’t actually save water because it has to be washed/hosed down frequently. It breaks down from high traffic use and sun exposure. It releases carcinogens that harm the kids, and gets hot in the summer. Schools that have fake turf fields have had to replace the turf multiple times, at huge expense. As it turns out, artificial turf was a bullet we dodged in the process of making this joint use park happen.

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