McK Construction UpdateDear McKinley Families,

As you are aware, we will be undergoing concrete construction for the next few weeks. Although we are hopeful the entrance to our office will be poured and ready to walk on when we return from Thanksgiving Break, we want to provide consistent access to our campus before and after school. This is especially important during Conference Week.

We are asking that all children (TK -5th) enter and exit through the Kindergarten gate on Felton before and after school. (This does not include our Prime Time and Character Builder kids). Several parents were trying to cover multiple exits in search of their children, and I believe this will mitigate that concern.

Additionally, you’ll need access to our campus for your Parent Conference. Normally, you’d enter through our office to sign in and then make your way to your the classrooms. We will unlock the Loading Doc gate on Felton (adjacent to our staff lounge) and you can enter the office to sign in from here. It will be opened at 7:30 am each morning and closed when school begins. We will reopen this gate at 12:15 each afternoon for parents who have after-school conferences. We’re hopeful this is helpful and have been told that the entrance to our office should be completed when we return from Thanksgiving Break.

That said, flexibility is the key. As anyone who has ventured into the world of remodeling/reconstruction, rarely do things go as planned. Your willingness to accommodate us as we work our way through this process is very appreciated.

We’ll continue to keep you posted.

With thanks in advance,
Principal Ganderton