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Bring a water bottle to school.

On Tuesday afternoon, the district provided an update to the latest water testing that was recently completed on our campus.

When water was initially tested, we fell well below 15 parts per billion, however our School Board chose to establish a more “rigorous” limit for all SDUSD schools. The criteria our School Board established is 5 parts per billion, which is the level for bottled water we purchase from stores.

The lead levels in the majority of water sources on our campus were well within the Board’s rigorous reduced lead levels during all water tests conducted on our campus.

However, the most recent testing (using the Board’s rigorous criteria) identified several locations as being well below the Federal limit of 15 (parts per billion), but above our district’s established limit of 5. Those locations are: rooms 1, 4, 5, 6, 10, and B24. Bottled water (and cups) will be placed in these locations and by the kindergarten exterior fountain.

We encourage all students to bring water bottles and water with them to school.

I want to reiterate – all water tests conducted on our campus resulted in lead levels well below the Federal limit. Our School Board, in an understandable abundance of caution, established significantly more stringent guidelines to ensure the safety of each and every child. Those restricted limits resulted in the re-testing of our water sources and a plan to provide bottled water.

In the event you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me at

-Principal Ganderton

One thought on “Latest Update re: Lead Water Tests

  1. Note that the EPA levels of 15 ppb are not based on health risks, but instead are based on treatment effectiveness (in other words, they feel that 15 ppb is a reasonable limit to be able to get to with available treatment options). Unfortunately, they do not yet have a health-based level established. They are currently drafting models for such an index (, but it is tough because the risk a child faces depends on total exposure, including dust and soil lead, which tend to be higher in structures built before the 1970s (and particularly before 1950).

    So while I am not suggesting these results are in any way dire, I would advise all parents to, when possible, send their child to school with a bottle of water, and encourage them to drink the bottled water being offered my McKinley.

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