November 14, 2012

Room 16 had a great time at our amazing garden.  Thanks to Mr. Rogers for helping us plant carrots and lettuce.  He watered and we raked and mixed compost into the dirt.   Then we sprinkled seeds into the rows.  At the end of our planting time, we made sure our beautiful garden was trash free.  honmaplant 1112 honmaprep1112

November 28, 2012

Today Room 16 checked McKinley’s Octopus’ Garden.  We noticed that our lettuce seeds were sprouting.  The lettuce had little leaves.  We could not see the carrots yet, maybe next time.

honma 1 week

December 19, 2012

YAHOO!!!  We got “newborn lettuce”!  We tried our first piece of school grown lettuce.  It was a little bit bitter, but it was exciting to try the lettuce for the first time.  The carrots’ leaves were sprouting, but you could not eat them.  We can’t wait to try the carrots.


January 9, 2013

DEEEEEE-LI-CIOUS!  Room 16 just got back from the garden.  We just ate the best lettuce.  It tastes so fresh.  We hope to be able to make a salad sometime soon.  We appreciate Mr. Rogers for watering our plants and helping them grow.  We hope we can invite him to our home-grown salad party in the near future.

honma 3 week

Mrs Honmalettuce


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