Our 2nd FOUND meeting was another success. We were so grateful to be joined by our families as well as more staff members including our awesome administrators Mr. Morello and Dr. Williams. We spoke about community opportunities for all kids in SD as well as therapies and the power that families have as decision makers. It was also a celebration of Autism Acceptance month for April.

This month is a way to move away from awareness toward Acceptance for all neurotypes. We are looking forward to our final FOUND meeting/celebration on Tuesday 6/6 at 5:00pm to discuss transitions, summer plans and to continue to connect with one another. Hope you can join us! All staff, kids and caregivers are welcome.

Here is a graphic to share ways to move towards acceptance for all types of brains in this world!

Feel free to email with any questions to Heather Brady (hsnyder@sandi.net).