May is Mental Health Month at San Diego Unified. I’m calling any Star Wars fans out to help with a school spirit day and to come dressed up on May the 4th. At our next Wellness committee meeting on April 11th we will be discussing how we want to approach the activities for the day/week/month. Remember the basics of the original story was the ‘dark side’ was something to be fought against. We need to teach the kids that the darkness can come and go from our lives at different times but we need to know how to handle it. Please consider attending this week on Tuesday, April 11 at 8:35-9:15am in the McKinley Book Room.

Thanks everyone! Contact Donna Tennies ( if you have any questions.

Here is the new edition of the Family Wellness Newsletter from SDUSD. We have a site Wellness Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 11 at 8:35-9:15am in the Book Room for anyone who wants to join us!