Hello, McKinley Families and Friends,

The Throw-A-Thon is back!! On Friday, September 30th at 6pm, you are invited to San Diego Ceramic Connection to participate in making the chili bowls which will be sold at SoNo Fest 2022. (Professionals will be crafting the bowls and we get to assist them in cutting and preparing clay.)

The Throw-A-Thon is a beloved tradition of SoNo Fest and a great way to connect with the community. We hope to see you there!!!

If you have any questions, email us at info@sonofestchilicookoff.com

SD Ceramics Connection
3216 Thorn St
San Diego, CA 92104

Thanks, everyone! We can’t wait for SoNo 2022!

Alex Dunlop, Tracie Stender and Katy Strand