McKinley families, 

Our school community has done an amazing job of coming together to support and protect one another over the last two years. Covid-19 cases are rising in our community and at our school. We are asking that you and your kids consider masking in indoor spaces at school. We want to ask your help to protect each other, including our school families who may have immunocompromised members, and children at home who are not yet old enough to be vaccinated. McKinley families come in all shapes and sizes. A mild infection in one household can be a dangerous virus in another.

Not getting sick also means not missing out on any of the end of the school year fun! Keeping Covid out of your house isn’t just about health, but also about maintaining busy schedules. 

SDUSD and CDC both strongly recommend wearing masks in indoor public spaces, including school. Our McKinley kids have been stars at masking for their own safety and the safety of their classmates and teachers. It is also important to test if you’re feeling sick. Some tools that our school has to help stay safe include: 

We have a discount code (Discount Code: MCKINLEY) that works with all Lutema masks ( and will give you a 50% discount in addition to any sale prices. These are the masks that fellow parents and the McKinley PTC have provided during previous virus surges. 

If the Lutema masks do not work for your children, district supplied KF94 are available from the front office. There are additional masks that have been donated by fellow McKinley parents available for free in boxes on campus for you to try various sizes and manufacturers to find the best fit for your little one’s faces. 

SDUSD has also provided rapid antigen tests to school campuses. This supply of tests is for parents and students, and McKinley has a supply available by request for parents or caregivers for home use. Please feel free to ask in the nurse’s office next to the front reception. 

In solidarity and hope, trying to spend the rest of the school year healthy and together!

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