In 2018, McKinley’s IB evaluation recommended an update to the library to align the use of the space with the high level of IB curriculum taking place. The need for a library remodel was shared at a PTC meeting and Heather Vitti Pruett, a professional interior designer and Kinder parent at the time, volunteered to spearhead the project. 

Between 2018 and 2020, Heather surveyed teachers, led a student focus group and prepared a design and cost estimate. The project was nearing launch when the pandemic hit, and everything stopped. This year, Heather led a second student focus group to incorporate changes to available materials and prepared a revised cost estimate and the project is now ready for launch. 


The estimated cost for this project is approximately $60K. Unfortunately, the initial donation she had secured for the furniture was rescinded after the pandemic and that impacted the initial cost estimate of $30K from 2018. Heather obtained a donation for the carpeting from Interface and will be obtaining the paint at a significantly reduced cost due to her professional license. The updated cost estimate includes new furniture, a custom build, carpeting and painting (breakdown included in the presentation materials below). 

Thanks to conservative spending and plentiful fundraising over the course of these last two years, the costs for this project will be fully funded but they are only a portion of what a project like this would be because Heather’s professional services, Vitti Designs, and those of the contractor, John Randleas, are being donated and we are asking for the community to help with the labor.


The goal is to complete the library over the summer of 2022. Various aspects of the project will take place over June, July and August. Some dates, such as those for carpeting and furniture building are not set yet because of material delivery lead time but we are looking for helpers now so we know who to contact when the material arrives. Some dates such as cleaning and reviewing books are set. 

The first thing to do is clear the library walls and that will happen over the Memorial day break on Friday and on Saturday, if needed. Please review the SIGNUP and add your name to any part of the project that you can help with. It is greatly appreciated!

Heather will be showcasing the design for the remodel and the materials at the IB Festival of the Arts on Saturday, May 21st. Please stop by to say THANKS for all the hard work she has put in to this project over the course of these past four years and check out the SIGN-UP to help get it done. 

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