McKinley families,

We are excited to share with you that McKinley will be hosting Sharp Health Pop-Up Covid-19 Vaccine clinics for our school community and our neighborhood. These clinics will be three weeks apart on Monday, February 28th and Monday, March 21 from 12-4. This allows us to provide both doses of the vaccine (and boosters for adults and older teens who want them) before spring break!

The clinics will be in the courtyard of the school between the Yoga statue and the front doors. Appointments are encouraged, but not mandatory. Visit the McKinley specific link in order to make your appointment. It will save you time and also let us know how many people to expect. If you prefer, scan the QR code to be connected to the McKinley clinic.

All children will be required to have a parent or guardian present to be vaccinated. Pfizer vaccines will be available for those 5 years and older in any dose needed: first, second, or booster. If your appointment is before the end of the school day and you would like to notify the office, please email so we are ready for you! If you would like to share with us your student’s vaccination status for our records, we are happy to receive that at this address as well.

For more information on Covid-19 vaccines, visit the district’s Covid-19 vaccine site You can also find information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention here

If you have a vaccination card from a previous dose, bring it with you! McKinley parents will be among the volunteers helping to make sure you have a pleasant experience. Please make sure to let your children know that stuffies and lovies are not only allowed at the clinic, they are encouraged! We know how comforting they can be, and everyone likes to meet them.

McKinley Elementary tendrá una clínica Sharp Health de vacunas contra el COVID-19 el lunes 28 de febrero y el lunes 21 de marzo de 12 a 4 p. m. La clínica estará abierta a la comunidad, el personal de la escuela, las familias y los estudiantes. ¡Estamos emocionados de darle la bienvenida!

  • Las vacunas Pfizer estarán disponibles para cualquier persona de 5 años enadelante.
  • Los estudiantes deben tener un padre/madre/guardián presente para vacunarse.
  • Se le invita atentamente a hacer su cita, pero no es obligatorio. Para hacer su cita, visite
  • O escanee el siguiente código QR.