Hello, McKinley Class of 2021!! Congratulations on your promotion to 6th Grade!! If you are bound for Roosevelt IB Middle School or you’re still deciding on your middle school of choice AND you’re interested in MUSIC … please consider signing up for RMS Music Summer Camp: July 6-16 (1:30 – 4:00 PM). FREE via LevelUpSanDiego.org.

NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!! Partial participation ok! Pick your dates

Sign-Up for RMS Music Summer Camp (July 6-16, 2021):

This music summer camp will run for two weeks. Incoming 6th Graders and students new to music will explore their interests in brass, woodwind, percussion and string instruments. Students will also be introduced to Digital Music Production and MIDI Keyboards.

July 6-16, 2021. 
– 1:30-3:00 PM: Band. 
– 3:00-4:30 PM: Orchestra.
– Digital Music Production, MIDI Keyboards

For more information about RMS Music Summer Camp and the RMS Music program, please refer to RMS Music on RooFriends.orghttps://friendsofroosevelt.org/2021/06/28/sign-up-for-rms-summer-music-camp-july-6-16-no-musical-experience-necessary/

Questions? Please contact the RMS Music Boosters: roofriendsmusicboosters@gmail.com.

Have a Great Summer! See you at Roosevelt IB Middle School!

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