Hello McKinley Families!

On October 22nd, our kids will be participating in the McKinley Elementary 2020 Virtual Jog-A-Thon! We hope everyone has had an opportunity to set up their PledgeStar page! If not, It is super easy to set up! You can find the instructions here.

In November, we will be conducting a virtual raffle with great prizes to reward our kids for their efforts! Each student will receive one entry into this year’s raffle. This year All students will have an equal chance at winning a raffle prize, regardless of how much money they have raised. And, we are hoping to bring as many smiles to their faces as possible! We need your help to do that!

We are asking for gift cards to stores, restaurants and experiences, as well as new toys or items the kids would love! You can procure these items independently or you can purchase an item from the Amazon Wish List.

Thank you in advance for helping to create a special event for our kids. They are heroes in their own right and we want to celebrate them!

If you have any questions or want to arrange a time to pass along a donation please contact:

Katy Strand

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