The Gala Committee welcomes you to join McKinley’s Totally VIRTUAL 80’s Prom Party tonight starting at 8PM via Zoom.

This year’s 80’s theme was supposed to be totally tubular and now it will be – via your screen!

Login and program details are on the home page of the auction site –

We’ll try to stay as close to the times listed as we can and make this whole thing as interactive as possible.

We will be closing out the most awesome auction items, crowning our McKinley prom court, playing trivia, doing song requests and showing videos of why this event still matters.

Due to the videos, we recommend participating via your TV, if possible. To do this, log onto Zoom via a computer and mirror your computer onto your TV so you get that tubular experience we were talking about. Plus, this will free up your phone for those last minute bids.

So, get that blue eye shadow out, razz up your hair, get the kids involved and come to McKinley’s first Totally VIRTUAL 80’s prom party tonight!

See you there!

2020 Gala Committee

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