Please read this beautiful message from Kindred and consider supporting Black Owned restaurants tomorrow.

KINDRED is so honored and thankful to be among the beneficiary restaurants of the McKinley Take Out event. We feel so blessed to be a part of such an active and engaged community of support. At this time, given the immense opportunities that are opening up to all of us for new, lasting, positive changes in that community, we would love to encourage that this Thursday, June 4th, instead of supporting KINDRED with your takeout orders, to consider supporting one of the following Black Owned Restaurants in San Diego listed in San Diego Magazine.

It would particularly warm our hearts for the restaurant you choose to be a restaurant you have never visited before.

While it is in fact an incredibly challenging time for all restaurants right now, due to the avid community of guests we have been able to cultivate in our five years of existence, and thanks to all of your support, we are uniquely privileged and positioned to be able to persevere through the long term challenges ahead. The McKinley Take Out event, redirected to our black-owned fellow restaurants, gives KINDRED a unique opportunity to have an impact far greater than we would otherwise have, supporting those restaurants that are less privileged. We’ll be here, here with smiles and open (distanced) arms regardless, but we appreciate your consideration for a slight change of plans, and thank you greatly for the many years of support we have received from this amazing community.

We love you.

Kory Stetina

Other San Diego County Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants to consider visiting are: