Greetings from Miss Tennies (a.k.a. Donna)!

First, I want you to know how much I have always admired parents. Truly, you guys have a tough job! Well, these days I hope you are taking time to care for yourselves as well as your children. And in my case, parents too or other family members. Mine are both still alive and well in the same house we all grew up in, up the hill from Mission Bay. My dad, at 87, looks for places to ride his bicycle daily which makes him crazy. My mom is 88, realizing how much she misses watching sports on TV! I’m sharing this with you because I have had some great talks with them (both born in 1932) about what is currently happening in the country/world. Having lived through the Second World War they are telling great stories about the old days. The concept of ‘victory gardens’ has come up in the news & hopefully some of you have embraced the idea in your own yard.  It’s truly team work, communication, setting goals and achieving something with a group which sounds like Physical Education to me. I love that being outdoors has received so much attention these days, not just for physical, but mental health too.

I will be busy trying to get my head around trying to reach the students, which on a weekly basis was 18 classes or about 450 kids! The PTC website will be an important form of communication, at least until I get my brain around how to reach out to the students.Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 2.08.24 PM

Here are some daily ideas for you to use in the next couple weeks with your children. My district resource teacher has provided these for all students until those of us at Elementary campuses are actively online with everyone. Please check them out and let me know if you are having a great time

TK, Kinder, 1st & 2nd

3rd through 5th

I REALLY miss your kids!!!!!!!! I have been volunteering to pass out lunches a couple days a week just to see smiling faces each day and feel like I’m doing something that matters.

Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I will keep in touch (without touching!).

Best wishes for a Happy Easter or Passover coming this week.

Donna Tennies
Physical Education Specialist