Just a friendly reminder that ASE starts this Thursday, January 23rd and will continue for 7 weeks until March 5th. Session A: 12:20-1:20, Session B 1:30-2:30.

Please check your child’s backpack today for a confirmation of their enrolled classes as well as new updated check out procedures.


Parents picking up students will no longer pick up students directly from their last ASE class. There will no longer be pick up points for ASE classes on the Joint Use Park. We kindly ask that you respect and follow these new procedures as they help keep our campus secure while running a program that serves over half the student body.

Check out time & location:
After Session A: 1:20-1:30 Front Lawn outside of Main Office
After Session B: 2:30-2:40 Front Lawn outside of Main Office


TK-1st graders: Younger students will be walked from their last ASE class to the front of the school by an ASE volunteer where a parent or designated guardian signs them out. Consistent with normal school dismissal, these students cannot sign themselves out and exit campus independently.

2nd-5th graders: 2nd-5th graders with parental permission (provided at the time of registration) going home will exit campus through the yoga statue gates and meet parent/guardian outside the gates as they do at regular school dismissal. It is important they use these gates regardless of where their ASE class is located so please discuss this ahead of time with your students.

PrimeTime & Character Builders: ASE volunteers will guide TK-1st grade students back their after school program after their last ASE class of the day. After 2nd week, 1st graders can return on their own. 2nd-5th grade
students are responsible for returning to their after school programming on their own, as has always been the case.

Thanks for your cooperation!
ASE Team

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