A note from our new Ceramics Teacher Ms. Gallo:

I am very excited to be the new Ceramics Teacher at McKinley Elementary! I am so impressed by the school’s dedication to art and see so much talent and hard work from students just by walking around the school. In the past two years, I got my Masters in Education from UCSD and also worked as a substitute teacher in various schools and all over San Diego. I love working with elementary students since they have unique creativity and perspective that inspires me. I am especially looking forward to teaching students ceramics since it is my favorite art form and spend lots of free time sculpting little creations myself. Outside of my passion for the arts and teaching I enjoy camping and learning new languages. I speak Danish, French, and Spanish. I can’t wait to work with all your wonderful students and know I will be impressed with all the creative things they will make!

Ms. Gallo

If you haven’t already met our new ceramics teacher drop by the ceramics room and say hello.