The ceramics program at McKinley was inspired and founded thanks to the hard work and determination of Kouta Shimazaki. Kouta owns the San Diego Ceramic Connection (“SDCC”) located on 32nd & Thorn. SDCC makes thousands of ceramic bowls that are sold at SoNo Fest & Chili Cookoff with half of the proceeds donated to McKinley!

The building at SDCC is in dire need of repairs. Members of the community have set up a gofundme page to raise funds to get it looking especially nice before the 10th Annual SoNo Fest & Chili Cookoff takes place on December 1st.

Thanks to SDCC, SoNo has become one of McKinley’s successful fundraisers. Please consider supporting this important community partner. Kouta has done so much for McKinley and every bit helps. Thank you!