screen_shot_2011-09-27_at_11.21.42_am_1Fellow friends and families of McKinley! On October 24th, our amazing kids will run their hearts out to raise funds for the school programs that they love the most. On November 12th, we will be rewarding their efforts with a raffle, showcasing many fun prizes.

Raffle Prizes

We are still in the process of securing great prizes for the raffle and would appreciate your help in our quest. If you, or someone you know, owns a business or restaurant that could donate a prize for our kiddos, please let me know by commenting here or reaching out to me via email at, or by phone at 858.829.1140.

Examples of great prizes include gift cards to restaurants and stores, passes to museums, amusement parks or movies, new toys like scooters or slime kits and free sports/martial arts/art lessons. Thanks for your help!

Pledgestar Help

If you are having trouble setting up your child’s Pledgestar fundraising page please watch this short video on YouTube. Start raising money for McKinley and your child today!

Visit our Jog-a-Thon page for more details about the event!