While searching for a  more user friendly yearbook program this year I stumbled across TreeRing.

The more I read about their company the more intrigued I was. Very user friendly interface, quick help response time, wonderful staff, no minimum or required amount of bulk order…but then I read how they plant a tree for EVERY yearbook sold. And it’s not JUST that they plant a tree, they hire and train women living in shelters to plant them. Most of the trees they plant are fruit bearing trees. So not only do they plant a tree, they hire unemployed and essentially homeless women and also provide them with a food source. I didn’t even have to think twice about what a great team TreeRing and McKinley would be.

Thank you for your purchase this year…you’ve not only given your child a memento of their school year, you’ve done a LOT more! Here’s an email from their CEO:

I know what a great feeling it is to finish your book and see your community gather around open copies to relive the year. I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy that! (And to relax a little.)

I’m writing today to also congratulate McKinley Elementary School, North Park on being a TreeRing Green Yearbook School! Since you’ve sold 339 yearbooks, we’ll be working with our partner, Trees for the Future, to plant that many trees in your school’s name.

Bonnie Donaghy

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