ASE is in need of new committee members!

McKinley After School Enrichment Program provides a variety of programs for McKinley students to participate in after school. These include Chess, Capoeira, Coding, Art, Tennis, Flamenco, Circus, Gardening, Legos, Soccer and Yoga. ASE is an 8-week session, which happens in the Fall (September-November) and Winter (January-March).

The ASE Committee is in need of new members for the 2019/2020 school year. There are some positions that need immediate filling, which are labeled “Open.” Other positions will be shadowing a current member, and this is labeled “Shadow.” This is the final year for the current ASE Chair, and if we do not have new committee members then ASE will not continue after the 2020 Spring ASE Session.

Below is a list of jobs for ASE. Most of these jobs can be done remotely, from your computer, on your time. There are only two in-person meetings the entire year, which are held at 6pm on the day of registration.

Please email with what job(s) you are interested in.

Jobs, Title, & Responsibilities

Chair (SHADOW)

  • Oversee the whole program
  • In charge of Registration, Course Development, Emails, Finances

McKinley Teacher Liason (SHADOW)

  • Securing rooms for ASE classes, coordinating with front office and teachers
  • Maintain teacher communication and satisfaction throughout ASE program
  • Communicate/troubleshoot with volunteer coordinator on problems/solutions
  • Execute Rain contingency plan – secure and communicate week of rain
  • Amazon gift cards and thank notes at the end of a session for school teachers

Rentals (OPEN)

  • Get rental permits for classes McKinley is in charge of
  • Ensure all ASE classes have permits
  • Paper permits at school, electronic version stored in Drive

Instructor Forms (OPEN)

  • Collect all necessary instructor documents (live scan, fingerprints, etc)
  • Give paper copies to office
  • Store electronic copies in Google Drive

Instructor Payment (SHADOW)

  • Prior to the program, confirm price and maximum number of students
  • Outline the invoice payment process to instructors
  • Process invoices through PTC president/treasurer
  • Ensure all invoices are paid

Finances – Chair (SHADOW)

  • Provide refunds to parents as necessary
  • Oversee Square
  • Balance budget – provide to PTC

School Communications (OPEN)

  • ASE Registration information (deadlines, scholarships)
  • Facebook, paper flyers, dialer, electronic sign
  • Website – all communications
  • Room parents

Thanks for your support!