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Six-hundred and twenty-one is the approximate number of unexcused absences since the first day of school in August, up to last week. Unexcused absences reflect as an absence on your child’s progress report. If your child was absent due to family trips or events, we encourage you to have your child attend our next Saturday School, this Saturday, February 23rd from 8:30am to 12:30pm to coincide with our Parent Green Day 9am-1pm. Your child is able to clear one full day absence and up to four tardies which will be taken off your child’s record for the next Progress Report in March. A breakfast snack is provided for children that are eligible for free and reduced lunch, and, for those not eligible, have your child bring $1.00. Sign in with Mr. Carrillo for TK-2nd grades and Mr. Ghahary for 3-5th grades in the main office. We ask that you drop off your children promptly by 8:20am and pick them up by no later than 12:40pm. We look forward to seeing you Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Saturday School- February 23rd!

  1. Dear Mr. G and McKinley PTC,

    We are happy to report Harry will be joining you this Saturday to make up for some tardies/absences.

    Thank you for the opportunity!


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