PE photoGreetings everyone,

Hope everyone has been enjoying this new year, rain & all!

A lot has been going on in the Physical Education Department since the start of the school year, and I just wanted to check in.

All the 3rd 4th & 5th grade students did their annual talk about “hands only” CPR. Please let me know if you are interested in seeing the materials we use for these lessons.

In January the entire 1st grade & a couple of kindergarten classes had a lesson on nutrition from someone who works in SDUSD. The key words are GO, GLOW & GROW– ask your kids about the talk if you haven’t already.

This year we had another record turnout for our celebration of girls & women in sports day at SDSU on Feb 2. Over 130 tickets were distributed! I did get to meet the new President of SDSU when she gave me a “game ball’ during the celebration. Definitely, a professional highlight for me and to share it with the girls was even more amazing!

Fifth graders are in the middle of their fitness-testing window where they get a snapshot of their health at this time in their lives.

With all the inclement weather, we are blessed to have a place to go where lessons can include things like juggling, cup stacking contests, and this year something new–KEVA PLANKS. They were donated by the Sunshine Optimists Club to our school and purchased by the Dixieline Lumber on Sports Arena Blvd. The kids from kinder through second grade all got a chance to use these really fun “blocks.” Most of them mentioned seeing them at the Science Center in Balboa Park, but now we have a set of our own! I loved seeing the students use teamwork & problem solving to create things with their friends.

Keep in touch with me if you have any questions & thanks for having such great kids!

-Coach Tennies