Crab 2You might have noticed some new art at the school if you venture over to the 5th Grade Bungalows/School Garden area. The Beautification Committee has started a sub-committee to help paint the storm drains on our campus.

This movement was inspired by artists in Baltimore, who in turn were inspired by Brazilian artists – truly a world phenomenon!

Why paint storm drains, you ask? Storm drains are the “mouths” to our ocean and other waterways. Every time it rains, trash, pollutants, dog poop, and other items left on paved areas are washed into the storm drains and head directly to our streams, oceans, and bay! There is NO treatment for stormwater like there is for water used in our homes.

By painting this drain – and hopefully future ones – we are reminding students and parents that our campus (and neighborhoods) are connected to our waterways and need to be kept clean!

What can you do to help?

  • Have a conversation with your child about the importance of picking up trash and how the storm drains are connected to waterways.
  • Donate to the Beautification Committee via McKinley PTC to help fund this effort.
  • Want to help paint the next one? We can use the help of adults and older children. Please contact Ivana Milosevic ( or Jen Spencer (

We are having a contest to name our new “crab” to spread the word about this important information. Please fill out a piece of paper with your name, grade, teacher, and an idea for the crab’s name. Place it in the Foundation’s mailbox in the office by December 10th. We’ll announce the winner on Monday’s assembly, Dec. 17th.

Crab 3

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