All McKinley students are invited to march in the McKinley entry to the Toyland Parade on Saturday, December 1st. Contact Cheramie to sign up or show up the day of. We are dressing in SONO or McKinley gear. We need parents to volunteer on the day of the event.

Contact Cheramie Raffield to volunteer or sign your child up to march in the parade:  619.961.9417

The Day of the Parade (Saturday, Dec. 1) 11am-1pm.

Participants, plan on arriving by 10am and meeting around the Lions Club located at 3927 Utah St.

Parking will be tight in the area, so plan ahead. There is $1 all day parking in the North Park Parking Garage from 8am-630pm. This is located on the corner of 29th and North Park Way.