Orientation for the PrimeTime Online Application process will be held on Tuesday, February 27th at 5:30pm in the school auditorium. PrimeTime staff will teach parents how to apply online as well as answer any questions parents may have about this process and the PrimeTime program. This annual application is required for all students, even current students that are in PrimeTime and students on the PrimeTime wait list.

The initial application window will open online starting at 6:00am on March 5th to April 13th. Internet access and an email will be required to create an account. A flyer will be going home as well explaining the online application process in detail. We highly encourage families to attend the PrimeTime Orientation and ask that you visit: or contact our McKinley PrimeTime Site Supervisor, Miss Casas between 1:45pm-2:30pm at (619) 548-9862.

2 thoughts on “PrimeTime 18-19 Online Application Orientation February 27th

    1. The orientation is on February 27th. However, the application process begins on March 5th. If this process is new to someone, we highly recommend they attend the orientation process. Spots fill up fast in this program.

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