ALL students and their families are welcome to join. There is a running club card for every McKinley student.

A few reminders:

– We encourage students to run EVERY DAY (and most runners do), but it’s not required. You and your student(s) are welcome to come as often or as little as you want during the week.

– For every 10 miles, students are awarded running feet charms! These can be attached to their backpacks to show the world their fitness progress.

– Sally has graciously printed Lap Tracker reports, and you are welcome to check them out! These reports include student running mileage sorted by grade. They are posted on the PE crate located on the blacktop just before the TK/K green playground.

– If you are interested in seeing your runner’s progress on the Lap Tracker website, please send an email to mckinleyrunclub@gmail.com with your children’s name and teacher’s name.

Thanks to everyone and see you on the track at 8:05 a.m. every morning!